Arriving by car?

There is free parking for Herbert Samuel guests on the beach. We offer our guests free parking, which starts at 15:00 on the day of arrival and ends at 12:00 on the day of departure. Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. – To use the service, you must contact us and provide us with the license number of the car, and your name. Do you still have questions? Talk to us on WhatsApp: 054-2060188

Our cleaning services

Pack a few towels so you won’t run out of clean ones.
Bring enough toiletries with you because, although each apartment comes with a complimentary shampoo, conditioner, showe gel and body lotion in 30ml containers, we don’t offer toiletry replenishments.

Here’s how our cleaning service works:

We provide cleaning services once a week, which means we will be cleaning the apartment and changing the beddings and towels only once during a 7-night stay.
For stays of 30 nights and longer, we thoroughly clean the apartment once a week, including beddings and towel change.

If you wish, you can ask for additional cleaning services at an extra fee:

* Cleaning the apartment and changing all beddings and towels   ILS 125 – ILS 350 depending on the size of the apartment.

* An extra set of towels – ILS 40

* Extra beddings – ILS 50

From time immemorial, and especially in these days when the whole world is facing the Corona virus, we put the health of our guests and staff at the forefront, and cleanliness a priority.
These are all the ways in which we implement our commitment to keeping holiday apartments clean and safe, at any given moment:
* Ensuring adherence to the most stringent cleaning methods.
* Training staff on personal and public hygiene.
* Requiring all staff members to work with gloves as part of the increased awareness of the corona virus.
* Scatter a gel to disinfect the hands, for use by guests and staff alike.

* Increasing the frequency of cleaning in rooms, public areas, operating areas and surfaces that are frequently touched (such as door handles and elevator buttons).
* Use of cleaning products with advanced disinfection capabilities.
In addition, we implement our commitment to maintaining your health and the cleanliness and safety of the hotel in the following ways:
* We have disinfected all the toilets in the apartments and we will continue to disinfect them routinely as well.
* We have disinfected all the bathrooms and we will continue to disinfect them routinely as well.
* We have disinfected all the surfaces in the building and especially the surfaces that are frequently touched, and we will continue to disinfect them routinely as well.
* We equipped the household workers with masks and gloves to use while cleaning.
* To make your hands comfortable and easy to disinfect, we applied a hand sanitizer to each apartment.
* All surfaces that are frequently touched by public areas in buildings are frequently disinfected, thus maintaining the health of us all.
* We use disposable disinfectant wipes to disinfect surfaces.
* The disinfectants used by us were selected according to the regulations of the Health Organization.
So that we do not miss any development or innovation, the hotel staff goes through trainings and trainings designed to ensure your health. For the sake of your health and the health of those around you, we recommend that you wash your hands often.

In addition we have laundry services, most of our apartments are equipped with a washing machine. Guests staying at the hotel for a long time in an apartment that is not equipped with a washing machine are welcome to enjoy paid laundry services.


Breakfast in Tel Aviv – a real treat
It’s said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it’s better to be super tasty, no?
Herbert Samuel on the Beach offers an Israeli breakfast in a selection of restaurants on the beach in Tel Aviv.
Breakfast includes Caesar lettuce, egg and bagel salad, salmon bagel, frittata, a selection of fresh vegetables, fresh bread, salads, quality cheeses, croissant butter, apple jam and cinnamon, Nutella, pineapples, hot and cold drinks – all in an amazing and breathtaking view of the sea