Travelling becomes simple with Tel Aviv transportation system

Tel Aviv also popularly known as ‘Yafo’ is the global city, a technological or economic hub. The city is located on the Mediterranean coast in the central-west of Israel. Also known as the “White City” it manifests UNESCO world heritage area of building in the Bauhaus/International Style of architecture. Also it is the fifth most visited city in the Middle East, also famous with tourist as “the city that never sleeps” or a “party capital”. The city offers lively nightlife, dynamic atmosphere and famous 24 hour culture.

Tel Aviv is home to many museums, architectural, cultural sites and has branches of some of the world’s leading hotels. Every year the city welcome its tourists with beautiful beaches, mix of cultures, appetizing cuisine and sea foods, eye-catching landscapes and locations and availability of all modern facilities. Whether visiting Tel Aviv for business purpose or vacations with family or friends or even when traveling alone, Tel Aviv has something happening for everyone.

Tel Aviv transportation system is seen as the hub in terms of road, rail and air transport, served by a widespread public transport network, with many major routes of the national transportation network running through the city. Below are the transportation services available in Tel Aviv:


For the international travelers Ben Gurion International Airport is the main entry point. The comprises of all the usual amenities expected from the first class airport and have world’s largest duty-free shopping mall, equivalent to airports size. The International airport is located 15 km far from Tel Aviv, in the town of Lod. The 20 minute trip from airport to Tell Aviv can be done by train or taxi.


The Tel Aviv Central Railway Station is the main railway station and the busiest station in Israel. The city also got three additional railway stations along the Ayalon Highway, Tel Aviv University, HaShalom (adjacent to Azrieli Center) and HaHagana (near the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station). The trains do not run on Saturday and holidays and it is estimated that million of passengers travel by rail on monthly basis.


By Bus: The new central Bus Station in southern Tel Aviv also known as ‘Tahana Merkazit’, offer routes serving most locations in Israel.400 meters from the old central bus station, the network is operated by Dan Bus Company.

By hired cab: The city is served by local and inter-city share taxis. Working 24×7 and seven days a week, with the most comfortable but also expensive way to reach the city center. The Sherut (sharing) taxis fares are standardized and are comparable to be less expensive than bus fares.

Tel Aviv is a big city with many historical advantage surroundings; using public transportations always has its own advantage in Tel Aviv, since you can reach from place to place easily. This is also leave you with a good chance to communicate with locals and get to known the city properly.

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