The Best Season to Visit Tel-aviv

Traveling is always fun and when you are visiting to a popular place like Tel-Aviv, fun multiplies. But how much it multiplies to, will depend on the season you opt for visiting this mesmerizing place. Find out the best time to visit Tel-Aviv here.1When it comes to best and oldest travel destination, Israel makes a place in the priority list. Adding more excitement to the ever trip to Israel is the beautiful Tel-Aviv. It is a young city, which has also been chosen as the third best city in World to visit by Lonely Planet. This amazing city beautifully blends the advanced creations with several magnificent natural aspects and the natural ancient beaches surrounding it. It is the brilliant development and the constantly evolving uniqueness of this city, which attracts the traveler from all over the world.

Whether it is about the golden beaches, lush green farms, or the amazing weather of the city, it brings some of the most memorable moments to the life of person visiting here. No matter wherever you are from, this place will rejuvenate your senses. There are number of hotels, restaurants, antique stores, beachside resorts, art museums, photo galleries, market places, extensive shopping malls and much more to provide you boundless fun and excitement on your trip to Tel Aviv.
Although, it serves to be an ideal holiday spot throughout the year, yet visiting it at a time when temperature suits you the most is advisable. For example, if sun doesn’t suits you, visiting it in the month of June or July will not be appropriate. Let’s find out which season will be perfect to spend your holidays at Tel Aviv.

It depends on various factors…

To find the best season, there are number of crucial factors to be looked upon, such as you must check for the Jewish Holiday season and various other special events. As far the temperature is concerned, you can choose either the florid spring season, i.e. the moth of March, April and May or the mystic autumn months of October and November. The temperature is too good during these months.
Florid Spring Welcomes You!

Spring is known for flowers and if you select this great time to visit Tel Aviv, you get a chance to enjoy the amazing temperature here, which is on the rise. Thought it can be still too cold for a swim in the Mediterranean. However the milder weather conditions allow you to enjoy every site including the beaches, cafes, multiplexes, etc. Some of the major events you can spot over:
• Purim in March
• Tel Aviv Marathon in March

Mystic Autumn Refreshes You!

Well, if you have missed the springs, there is not much to worry about. Yes, great time to visit Tel Aviv is yet to come. It is the stunning autumn, which escapes you from the excessive heat of summer and heavy rainfall of winter, altogether. Moreover, the4se are the busiest months in the Jewish calendar with Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) and Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) falling somewhere around. You can enjoy more at some key events:

• Loving Art Making Art
• High Holy Days
• Maccabi Electra Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is situated on the western coast of Israel and experiences a Mediterranean type of climate. It is humid throughout the year. Though there are no real extremes in temperatures or daunting climatic conditions, yet you must plan to visit here at the right time to have a great holiday!

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