Sunshine Apartments proffer ease of home away from home

Tel Aviv is the first modern Jewish city in Israel and the fifth most visited city in the Middle East. Also known as, “the city that never sleeps”, UNESCO has designated it as the “White City” a World Heritage Site for having world’s largest concentration of Bauhaus.

Located on the 14-kilometer long strip on the Mediterranean seacoast, Tel Aviv extends beyond the Yarkon River to the north and the Ayalon River to the east. Hundreds and thousands of visitors, tourist and partygoers move about the city each day until early hours of the morning.

To welcome all the visitors and tourists, Tel Aviv has plenty of hotels and resorts where you can check-in. However, most of the hotels are located slightly far from the city and most of them are for high-end customers. Usually travelers coming from far off places prefer to settle down in places with high-end amenities, but easy on their pocket.

Rented apartments have gained importance in recent times, as people travelling prefer to have home away home comfort. Some rented apartments offer the entire amenities one would find in a luxury accommodation like fully staffed, private beaches, boats, chefs etc, while some rented apartments, offer the same services hotels offer to their guest’s i.e. front desk check-in, 24-hour maintenance, in-house housekeeping and concierge service.

The rented apartments give you the freedom to choose as per your own requirement, so before visiting Tel-Aviv, do not forget to book yourself for Sunshine Apartments, and below are the key benefits:

  • It is a perfect Beach Holiday- with golden beaches and extended seashores.
  • The Sunshine apartment hold the advantage of having quick and easy access to some of the finest beaches in the world
  • Sunshine apartment is a sea front apartment, allowing you the beautiful view of Mediterranean sea
  • Sunshine apartment allow you to take long walks all alone on the white sand and end your day, when sun sets on the seashore
  • Fully equipped kitchen with all the modern amenities, gives you the freedom to cook home food from home away
  • A dedicated staff with complete professional behavior and 24×7 customer service, to provide you maximum satisfaction
  • To provide you the comfort of home away from home, the apartment have two bedrooms and queen-sized bed to offer comfort after a tiring day
  • Large sea front balcony, gives you the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset, so just sit in the balcony and enjoy the view with your loved ones
  • Location advantage, as the sunshine apartment is located in the center of the city, making it easy to visit other sites of the city
  • Staying in Sunshine Apartment serves you the opportunity to carry as many souvenirs as possible to your home

Sunshine Apartments offer the most mesmerizing view of the white sand beaches, and there are no hassles in pre-booking or scheduling changes if any, as the management believes in providing advanced facilities with additional conveniences. So, next time when visiting Tel Aviv, do check-in at Sunshine apartments, to have mystical home away from home experience.

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