Sunset Apartments in Tel Aviv, where you can check-in for utmost comfort

Tel Aviv is the Israel’s second largest city and also a cosmopolitan, cultural as well as financial global city. Also known as the “White City”, it manifests UNESCO world heritage area of buildings in the Bauhaus/International Style of architecture. Ranked as one of the world’s ten best beaches city by National Geographic, the city is renowned for its night life; making it the fifth most visited city in the Middle East.

Tel Aviv being the country’s financial capital, and holding the second largest economy in the Middle East after Dubai, invites diverse number of tourists. Tel Aviv is also known as the “party capital” or “the city that never sleeps”, because of its lively nightlife, dynamic atmosphere and 24 hour culture. Since, there is large number of tourist travelling to Tel Aviv, finding a reasonable, budgeted accommodation can become a big issue.

Although, the city has many hotels, resorts where you can check-in, but majority of places are for high–end customers. Therefore, if you are looking for budgeted, friendly accommodation with all the necessary amenities and luxury equal to what the other hotels and resorts are offering, then you must check in at the beachside apartments like Sunset Apartments.

The apartment located by the Mediterranean Sea is a perfect short-term rental apartment, available at affordable prices, offering some of the best facilities worldwide. As the name suggests, every evening the dawning sun fills your room with the bright red light, creating a mystical experience. Below are some of the key benefits of checking into sunset apartments in Tel Aviv:

  1. The apartments are located close to the beach, offering perfect view, and you can also go out to the beaches for sun bath or just to enjoy the view of sunset.
  2. The apartments are designed by keeping each and every wish of tourists in mind, so if planning to visit with your kids or travelling alone, the apartment offers you a great deal.
  3. It’s a fully furnished apartment which comes with a well equipped kitchen, modern appliances, etc.
  4. There is a large sea front balcony, to enjoy the morning or evening view of the sea and is situated near to all the main attractions of the city.
  5. To provide the maximum satisfaction to the tourists, the apartment is having dedicated service staff with professional behavior and 24×7 customer service.
  6. There are two bedrooms and master bedroom comes with Queen-sized bed and on request extra beds can also be provided.
  7. The apartments gives you the feeling of home away from home. The blend of luxury /necessity with affordable price makes the apartment a perfect choice for vacation with family and friends.
  8. For those who love the idea of a city holiday with sun, sea and sand, the sunset apartment is a most excellent choice for a place close to the beach in Tel Aviv.

If you are planning to visit Tel Aviv, it’s advisable to go with a pre-booking for sunset apartments, to avoid last minute glitches.

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