How to find Serviced Apartments in Tel-Aviv

Tel Aviv is a dream destination for travelers looking to explore Israel. The beaches, the sunset, people, food, and everything sounds celebrating about Tel Aviv. The number of those looking for serviced apartments for rent here is on the rise. The beachside apartments, many of them available for rent, are in high demand. These apartments have a lot of advantages over traditional hotel stay. The experience of stay in a serviced rented apartment offers privacy and personalized space with regular hospitality services similar to the hotels or resorts.

However, to find serviced apartments in Tel-Aviv, you need to sweat as the destination is visited by millions of travelers throughout the year, and there is throat slitting battle for renting apartments for long term and short term stay. Thus, here are a few tips to find a serviced apartment for yourself:

Initial Online Research (credible travel blogs, social media pages)
If it’s the first time that you have planned a trip to Tel-Aviv, then your first option, obviously, is the Internet. Take your time to sort out reputed travel blogs including their social media pages. Most of the travel article will suggest or mention specific names. For example, Sunshine Apartments in Tel-Aviv find mention in a lot of travel logs.

Property Dealers in Tel Aviv
A number of local property dealers are available over phone and through their websites. They know their region better than anyone. However, make sure you don’t fall for deceiving and fraud dealers and agents.

Craigslist Classifieds
Perhaps, it’s a more credible platform to search serviced apartments in Tel-Aviv. A number of providers and property owners regularly post availability of apartments for rent. You can get a click from here.

Local Connections & ResourcesIMG_7153-e1363177660814
Obviously, if you can afford to establish some local connections through your friends or references from credible sources, and then use them in order to consult and find appropriate accommodation. These sources can also give you better idea of existing rates and trends. Such information is always an advantage while negotiating.

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