A day in Tel Aviv is a mix of historic and modern culture

Tel Aviv, the “Mediterranean of Cool” is the second largest city in Israel. It’s a modern, metropolis, youthful city with diverse population. The city is blessed with some of the best clubs, bars, a blooming art community, gay life, beaches, musicians and young professionals, the place hold the capacity to serves the secular outlook.

Tel Aviv is a city that is sun-drenched almost year round. Tel Aviv transportation system is seen as the hub in terms of road, rail and air transport, with many major routes of the national transportation network running through the city. But the best way to explore city especially the coastline in a day is with bikes, they gives you the opportunity to overlook the endless, gorgeous Tel Aviv beaches, local lifestyle, cuisines and culture.

  1. Beautiful Morning for beaches and bike ride: Thanks to the Tel-O-Fun, a bicycle sharing system, you can rent bike as long as you like without making a reservation. Biking is quite a convenient and accessible and there are plenty of spaces to lock bikes throughout the trip.
  2. Enjoy Israeli Breakfast at the port: The Tel Aviv port also known as Namal Tel Aviv, is the hottest place in the town, with cafes and bars serving the local dishes. The port is full of restaurants serving tasty breakfast buffets that you can try.
  3. It’s time for some Art and Culture: After a peaceful start of the day, it was time to soak in Tel Aviv art and culture. The Eretz Israel Museum is known for the archeology and history. The Diaspora Museum shows the rich diversity of Jewish people and life around the world.
  4. Let’s hit the streets and neighborhoods:  Tel Aviv city comprises of distinct neighborhood and each one is having own special atmosphere. The narrow alleyway of old Jaffa, which is in the southern part of Tel Aviv, gives you the picture of old world atmosphere. Old stone buildings, mosques, old Jaffa port area and cafes. Old Jaffa is a totally different from the rest of the Tel Aviv.
    Yarkon Park, in the central of Tel Aviv is just to sit in green oasis, relax, walk jog, ride is a place to just sit and enjoy with family. For shopping the city is covered with variety of trendy local designers, shops for souvenirs, ethnic crafts and more. Yes, you can find blend of branded stores too.

5. Time for break: After long and tiring day, home is what you look for. For vacation purpose, we preferred to stay in Tel Aviv Apartments. The rented apartments are better investment than any hotel with complete privacy and freedom to cook in a fully equipped kitchen. The best about Tel Aviv Apartments is every balcony offers the exclusive view of sunrise and sunset.

6. Nightlife and Entertainment: After rejuvenating in the apartment, it’s time to check the nightlife of Tel Aviv. Must say that Tel Aviv nightlife is fully and insanely packed with clubs and bars, each offering something different. From gay parties to after parties, it got all.

Tel Aviv hosts many organized and even free tours by foot, by bus, by bikes or even by boats, you can enjoy what you like.

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