Most amazing places in Middle East


Summary Middle East is known for its grandeur mountain ranges, mesmerizing beauty, temperate waters, vivacious life and one of the oldest histories in the world. Despite the political unrest and terrorist attacks this place still attracts millions of people every …

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The Best Season to Visit Tel-aviv


Traveling is always fun and when you are visiting to a popular place like Tel-Aviv, fun multiplies. But how much it multiplies to, will depend on the season you opt for visiting this mesmerizing place. Find out the best time …

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Tel Aviv- the all-season tourism spot

apartments image 2

Tel Aviv which is famous for its beaches, beautiful beach side apartments, tourism spots, its history and culture mixed and pleasant temperatures.This is one such place which witnesses tourists from all over the world throughout the year and is known …

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Affordable apartments to rent in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Beaches

Tel Aviv is an astonishing city; a city where travelers just can’t have enough, all thanks to the natural, cultural and historic beauty and significance of the wonderful city that is second largest city in Israel. Tel Aviv is located …

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Best Apartments to Live in Tel Aviv

Specialty of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is one of the most effervescent cities in the world. Titled as the “Mediterranean Capital of Cool” by the New York Times, the a city which is alive and active 24×7 with unique pulsation, sandy Mediterranean beaches, world-class …

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Sunshine Apartments proffer ease of home away from home

Sunshine Apartments in tel aviv

Tel Aviv is the first modern Jewish city in Israel and the fifth most visited city in the Middle East. Also known as, “the city that never sleeps”, UNESCO has designated it as the “White City” a World Heritage Site …

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A day in Tel Aviv is a mix of historic and modern culture

day with mix

Tel Aviv, the “Mediterranean of Cool” is the second largest city in Israel. It’s a modern, metropolis, youthful city with diverse population. The city is blessed with some of the best clubs, bars, a blooming art community, gay life, beaches, …

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Travelling becomes simple with Tel Aviv transportation system

Tel Aviv Port

Tel Aviv also popularly known as ‘Yafo’ is the global city, a technological or economic hub. The city is located on the Mediterranean coast in the central-west of Israel. Also known as the “White City” it manifests UNESCO world heritage area …

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Sunset Apartments in Tel Aviv, where you can check-in for utmost comfort


Tel Aviv is the Israel’s second largest city and also a cosmopolitan, cultural as well as financial global city. Also known as the “White City”, it manifests UNESCO world heritage area of buildings in the Bauhaus/International Style of architecture. Ranked …

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Is popularity of Panorama Apartments growing up in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv also known as “the city that never stops” is the first modern Jewish city in Israel. The city is located on the Mediterranean coast in central-west Israel, the fifth-most-visited city in the Middle East. Tel Aviv’s “White City”, designated a UNESCO …

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